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Coaching and Spiritual Direction, Consulting, Speaking, Training and more!

Day 8 Strategies works with leaders in faith-based organizations to help people see what God is doing, explore their capacity and potential, and become active in doing what matters most to God. This desire to be engaged and active in God's work - both inside your organization and outside it in the world around you - is at the heart of all we do.

If you'd like more info about ways you and your organization can explore your connections to God and the mission that God is up to, you may be interested in exploring the following services for groups and leaders:

Workshops and retreats for church leaders
grounded in helping the church participate in God's mission: topics include leadership, vision, strategy, mission and missional theology, evangelism, stewardship, preaching for mission, spirituality for leaders, project management for ministries, and other custom topics developed in conversation with you.

Keynote Speaking
on a variety of topics related to mission, outreach and evangelism, thinking and acting with theological focus, spirituality for leaders who preach and teach - how to share faith in life-giving and theologically grounded ways that inspire, equip, deepen faith and motivate people to action.

Equipping Disciples for living out their faith in daily life, understanding and sharing their faith stories, growing as disciples and followers of Jesus. Teach your folks to share their stories, get things done, learn to see God at work and share what they see with others, and more.

Consultation Processes to reframe, refocus and mobilize your ministry to better do what God is calling you to do and in ways that gather and use resources for mission in effective and faithful ways:

Strategic Planning to gain missional clarity; discern purpose, principles and priorities, engage in planning and implementation (to ensure you don't just generate a document but reshape your ministry!) Our planning process ALL include a 6 month coaching component after the strategy is developed so you are confident that what you and God dream up, you can actually begin to see happen.
Missional Stewardship to help you reframe your use of resources around a clearly stated sense of how investing in your work. Why keep doing stewardship the same old ways when the world is changing and resources for ministry are so important?
Effective Facilities to be sure your current facilities are used well, updated for energy efficientcy where possible, and able to provide the best platform for 21st century ministry. Dave Daubert is one of the only church consultants in the country who is also a trained engineer with the background to really help you reimagine and redesign your space in cost effective, cost saving and ministry enhancing ways.

Spiritual Direction
to accompany people in ways that allow them to discern and reflect on God's activity and calling in their lives. In a world where people are hungry for spiritual growth and clarity, spiritual direction is appropriate and helpful for a wide variety of people who want regular interaction with a trained spiritual companion.

Coaching for individual leaders (ordained and key lay leaders) and for groups. This is one way to sharpen clarity and focus, make well thought out decisions, and work in accountable ways that mean leaders gain clarity that translates to results. One study showed that coaching had a 6:1 return on investment! Don't keep working alone when you can affordably have a partner walk with you in ministry.

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