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Day 8 represents a variety of things in the faith world. For Jewish people, Day 8 is the day when circumcision happens and children are brought into the covenant as responsible partners with God. For Christians, Day 8 represents the day of resurrection and the start of a new creation that is grounded in Christ. Our philosophy at Day 8 Strategies is about responsible partnership with God and engaging the world with creativity and a sense that what we do matters by continuing the work of the risen Christ.

There are two keys to the work we do at Day 8 Strategies:

  1. We help people watch for what the living God is up to and how to see, discern and articulate that in theologically grounded, scripturally connected and experiential ways.
  2. We help people claim their role as responsible partners with the God they see, joining in to do work of significance to them, to God and to God’s kingdom.

Where either of these two things are missing, the vibrancy of a faith community is diminished and the sense that they can do anything that matters is lost. God must be real to people for their faith life to matter. And human actions must matter for them to want to do something with God (why do something if it doesn’t matter?)

“Day 8″ is about seeing a God who has been at work for a long time (way back to Abraham, Adam and Eve, and before), who has come in Jesus to make creation new. This same God continues to work among us and in the world around us. That God invites you to join in! That’s what “Day 8″ is all about.