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Check out our newest product - A Discipleship Guide for Lutherans. Dave Daubert worked with the excellent materials of Bob Logan and Charles Ridley, rewriting and editing it to be theologically and practically accessible for Lutherans. To check out this groundbreaking resource, please click here.

At no time in our lifetimes has the opportunity to do creative and important ministry been more in front of us. But we have to be willing to deepen our connections to God, engage communities around us and develop the discipleship of the people who participate in our ministries.

God is active and at work among us. God is calling the church to join in that work. Congregations who commit to watching for God at work and also to joining in with God in that work are doing some amazing things. But congregations need leaders who are passionate, members who are committed and excited, and a willingness to try new things in new ways.

At Day 8 Strategies, we can help. We develop resources, do training and equip people for progressive yet evangelical work. We consult to help minstries calrify why they exist and what they are called to be and do. We coach leaders for effective leadership. And we provide spiritual direction for people who want to stay connected to God and spend time discerning what God is doing in their lives.


Everything you need for a useful Lenten campaign that brings low cost, high commitment to the campaign by members, and easy leadership for you! A free companion resource includes midweek liturgies, prayers and sermon helps at no extra charge. Meta Moments: Transformational  Encounters with Christianity's Core. 

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