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Dave Daubert, lead consultant and CEO of Day 8 Strategies, is a well received and frequent speaker at conferences, assemblies and other gatherings across the United States and Canada. Bringing and wide variety of insights about how organizations function and how leadership works best, he can speak to your group about the things that matter most to you. And because Dave uses a mix of pointed examples, humor and visual media – you’ll find that he is one of the most engaging speakers around.

Dave’s most popular topics include:

  • A new look at creation: Why Misunderstanding the Garden of Eden May Be Our Real Down(fall)!
  • Leadership for a post-modern world
  • Emergent planning and joining in with an active God
  • Mission and Theology- a new (eye-opening) look at some old themes
  • Mining the roots of your tradition for a missional theology that works for you in the 21st century
  • Mobilizing leaders in voluntary associations and faith-based groups
  • Seeing Through New Eyes: Learning to See What We’ve Been Trained to Miss
  • Lutheran Trump Cards: Helping Lutherans re-frame their faith for today's world
  • And much more…

To discuss more about booking Dave for your event, please contact him for a conversation!

“As you were talking, I felt like you really knew my situation and the importance of the work I do. My work and faith connected in a way I had never understood before.” (Third grade teacher, Houston TX)