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Dave Daubert brings a wide variety of experiences to provide diverse and engaging retreats and workshops for staffs, organizational members, and other leaders. With a background in engineering, training as a pastor and theologian, and ongoing education in coaching and non-profit leadership he provides multi-disciplinary and highly interactive workshops and retreats.

Some of the things he is ready to help you with include:

  • Teambuilding for new staffs and/or boards
  • Clarifying shared values for your work together
  • Prioritizing your energy to do the most with what you have
  • Theological and foundational work to shape your work together
  • A variety of topics related to systemic change, leadership and transformation

For more information or to discuss using us for leading your retreat or workshop, please contact us!

“I was close to looking for a new call – I felt tired and empty. But this has given me a whole new excitement. I have the next five years of work here running through my head!” (pastor, Nebraska)