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Strategic Visioning

The days of big binders and long range strategic plans are now over. Today’s fast paced world and rapid changes make trying to foresee 5-10 years down the road an almost impossible task. The wisest leaders are turning their attention to more emergent planning with clear purpose, well defined guiding principles and an emphasis on focusing resources in a finite list of strategic directions. These things give any organization the focus it needs to define and stay true to its core while also providing the freedom to be creative and nimble as it moves forward.

The team at Day 8 Strategies brings experience working with organizations with 100 million dollar budgets and with individuals working on small projects. In each case we’ll work with you to define who you are and help you work with what you have to help you do what matters most in your situation. Using highly participative processes, your people will be involved in discerning what they are being called to be and do. The result will be a clear and easily useful piece of work to shape your organization and its work together.

Once defined, we’ll train your team to use the outcomes from the process to set clear action plans with regular adjustments, maximum ownership and creativity, and measurable progress that will keep you moving forward long after most long range strategic plans would be gathering dust on a shelf somewhere!