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Order any combination of 6 or more books and get free shipping! Living Lutheran is the best selling book by Dave Daubert that helps your congregation explore a missional identity and dig into its sense of purpose and guiding principles. With clear chapters and each chapter including a set of discussion......
Order 5 or more copies for just 5 each! Meta-Moments are points of transformation and this book is written to encourage people to see the Christian faith as more than a static thing, but as a source of real and important transformation. Chapters explore the themes of Beginnings, Jesus, The Reign of God,......
Grounded in the Great Commandment, the PAWN Process helps both you and your neighbors join with God as collaborators in making a difference in the world around you. Helping you to define your purpose as well as to see the Assets, Wows (great stuff already happening), and Needs for both you and your neighbors......