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Welcome to Day 8 Strategies

Check out our newest product - A Discipleship Guide for Lutherans. Dave Daubert worked with the excellent materials of Bob Logan and Charles Ridley, rewriting and editing it to be theologically and practically accessible for Lutherans. To check out this groundbreaking resource, please click here.

The signs are clear – there is a need for centered and focused congregations more than ever! And the mainline church is the best place for that voice to come from. Renewing the church is a key to God’s voice being noticed and heard more clearly in the midst of the noise of this world – and it may be through you and your work that God works right where you are!

Are you a leader who is:

  • someone who believes God is active, at work and on the loose in the world?
  • tired of church that is a Sunday activity instead of a 24/7 way of life?
  • longing for a church that is inclusive and hungers for everyone (no footnotes!) to truly be welcome and invited in?
  • committed to economic, environmental, and other forms of justice being lived out in the world?
  • wanting to help others see and experience the God we meet in Jesus at work in the world and join in as responsible partners with God?

At Day 8 Strategies, we believe that the Reign of God is breaking in all around us and that God is inviting anyone who will, to join in and participate in creative and exciting ways! While many are declaring the end of the church, we are declaring the end of the church as we know it, and inviting you in to church that is more spiritually vibrant and aware, more evangelical in bearing witness, more inclusive in its theology and participation, committed to helping Christians live out their vocations in the world, and working for peace and justice in both local and global situations.

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