Lutheran Trump Cards

Trump Cards Cover

Dave Daubert’s latest book is entitled Lutheran Trump Cards: Playing Our Best Hand in the 21st Century. It is a creative, concise and accessible summary of core Lutheran beliefs. Written with easy to remember content and fun and clear application, this book is a good one for reading as an individual or for using in a group or class. Each section is short and crisp – just long enough to clarify and just short enough to encourage reading it! And at the end of each section there is a discussion guide with questions for you to reflect on or use in a group. Here are the cards in our Lutheran “suit” – together they make a great hand to play with as we do mission together in the 21st century:


You can get Lutheran Trump Cards in paperback for just $9.99!  Click here to purchase.

An Amazon Kindle edition ($6.99) will also soon be available! 

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